It was a few hours until Grandmother requested to see Aurora and I. In that time, I had taken off my armor and slipping into more comforting clothes, as well as Aurora. 

"Aurora, let me see." I say trying to plead Aurora to show me what she changed into. 

"What if I look ridiculous?" Aurora asks still hiding behind the folding screen. I could see her figure from behind, and just from that it made my stomach churn from excitement. 

"You’ll look beautiful, you always do." I grin seeing her beginning to slowly creep out. Her head pops out from one side her cheeks burning with scarlet as she looked me up and down. 

"You look beautiful." She grins watching me. I feel embarrassed and shy for a moment and turn my head away telling her a low shy thanks. I hear her giggle, but it seemed closer than before. I turn my head to see her dressed in a Hanfu, which was the traditional dresses women would wear. I blush harder staring at her, quite dumbly, as she stepped forward with a grin knowing I loved it. 

"How do I look?" Aurora teases already knowing my answer. My hands wrap around her waist as I pull her in whispering to her, "Stunning." I say leaning in to kiss her. 

It was quite different with this kiss, every other kiss had been softer and gentle, but this was hasty and hungry for more. I feel Aurora deepening the kiss, but before anything else I remember faintly why we even were inside the house now.

"A-aurora…" I whisper she beginning to place kisses upon my neck. 

"Hmmm?" She hums still kissing me. 

"We have to go." I chuckle still feeling my hands grip around her waist, trying to fill the void that wasn’t even there. Aurora laughs her head collapsing onto my shoulder. 

"We’ll save this for later." I say kissing her cheek then escorting her out of my room.


Aurora gave a hidden smile as we exit the room and meet my Grandmother in the living area. There wasn’t a table set up. It was just three pillows set out for all of us to sit. Aurora and I sat next to each other, as usual, as we awaited for my Grandmother. 



"What if…she doesn’t like me after all?" Aurora asks a hint of nervousness in her shaky voice. I look over to her mortified thinking How could anyone not like you?!

"What happened to that smile from before?" I ask trying to have her grin, and it worked.

She slightly grinned with shyness shaking her head telling me, “I don’t know why I’m suddenly nervous.” Aurora chuckles covering her mouth to hide the nervous smile. I grasp her hand holding onto her tight telling her it would be fine. 

Grandmother Fa comes walking in with a serious face. We both stopped out laughing and watched her sit. She had a powerful presence, not because of how she acted, but more because she had a powerful heart and soul. 

"Princess," Grandmother speaks looking directly at Aurora. Aurora straightens her back nodding to listen, "Tell me your story.”

Aurora glances toward me gulping a bit and asks shyly, “M-my story?” Grandmother Fa nods once steadily wanting to hear Aurora’s life story. 

"I guess it would have to start from the beginning…" Aurora begins to tell Grandmother about her whole life. How she was brought up in a powerful and well-loved kingdom. She was destined to marry the adjourning kingdom’s Prince. Who was of course Phillip. Aurora explained how she had known Phillip all her life. She confessed that she did love Phillip, but after I had come around and been with her since Phillip’s passing, her heart had come to me. 

I shyly look away trying to hold my smile in. It was the first time I’ve heard Aurora confess this to me, even of how she felt completely. Then, Grandmother looked over to me after Aurora’s story was finished and asked me, “You took care of this woman?” I nodded not wanting to speak until Grandmother specifically told me to. “And was it during that time you fell in love?” I shook my head, seeing the surprise in both Aurora and Grandmother’s faces. “Explain, child.”

"I had fell in love with the idea of Aurora. When Phillip came to me in aid of seeking her out, I accepted. He would constantly talk of her, and I instantly fell in love. And upon the pedestal that you laid on I fell madly in love." I said speaking the last words to Aurora more than to Grandmother Fa. Aurora blushes squeezing my hand that I had forgotten was still in her grasp. 

"Well, I see no reason why I should give you my blessings." Grandmother sighs with a happy smile. Both Aurora and I look toward her confused and surprised both asking, "What?" 

Grandmother chuckled and said, “My blessing for your eternal love for each other.” She said with no hint of hesitation. I sat shocked with Grandmother’s words. I never knew she was planning to bless us with this, this very important thing.

Grandmother Fa was standing up for me, in all the times she has been by my side through the years, I have never felt so loved by this tiny woman. “Grandmother—” I say, but she raises her hand to stop me.

"I’m not done Mulan." She simply says before glaring at my Father with disgust. "You, young man, should be very ashamed!" Grandmother Fa’s huffing out with heavy breaths. My Father stood shocked at Grandmother’s words, but he couldn’t speak above her in this situation. Now, I looked over to Aurora surprised myself, not knowing what to do or say now with her here. But, all I did was grin at  her with a nod knowing Grandmother Fa would request our presence later.


I stood holding onto Aurora’s hand still, my grip becoming clammy and sweaty from the tension that we endured dragging her away into the garden behind the house. “Well, that went well.” Aurora lightly says with chuckle. 

"That went horrible! But, I’m glad Grandmother was there." I say sighing with content. 

"So, will I get to meet Grandmother Fa soon?" Aurora asks giddily not even wanting to wait for my answer before she made up her mind. I played with her fingers as we strode through the garden looking at all the cherry blossoms. image

"You’ll get to meet her soon." I say smiling toward her with love. She is spectacular. I leaned into her kissing her cheek unable to control myself with her bright soul. “What was that for?” She giggles her lips curling with shyness. “Thank you for standing up for me,” I chuckle looking back at the blossoms that’ bloomed so perfectly, “And, I love you.” 

I didn’t look back at Aurora, but I knew she was staring at me with admiration, and love.


I felt the blissful memories of Aurora fade as I watched the disbelief in my family’s eyes/ They sat in front of me with their mouths gaping open hoping I was telling a crude joke on them. I wasn’t embarrassed by any of it, but more for Aurora to hear everything and see all this happening to her, and me.

I just watched as my parents began screaming at me, both obviously disappointed with me. My father stands from where we were all sitting and begins to leave wanting me to sit in my disgrace. I feel Aurora’s hand squeeze mine trying to calm me down, but the tears kept flooding out. “F-father! Please, don’t go…”

"No daughter of my is in love with a woman!" He shouts back at me, holding onto his walking stick for support. Suddenly, everyone went silent, even my blubbering tears and gasps had ceased for a moment. Aurora sits not even moved by the words my Father yelled in our faces. Then, Aurora began to speak, not with anger or fear, but with confidence. "Sir, I will assure you that Mulan is the most beautiful and honorable person I have met," Aurora then looks over to me with a smile, "And she has touched the life of me. And, I love her. Woman or not, I have fallen in love with your daughter." 

But, before my Father or Mother could speak, my Grandmother came into the conversation and just smiled at the both of us telling us, “What a nice, young girl.” Grandmother Fa says as she pats Aurora’s shoulder. I chuckle under my breath knowing I was about to make matters worse, “Woman.” I say. Aurora giggles and squeezes my hand even tighter trying to tell me the situation wasn’t going to fix itself by jokes. 

"Grandmother Fa—" My Father was about to say, but she began to speak now, above everyone. "Now you listen here. We have been waiting for Mulan to come home, and when she brings a woman you all forget about how long she had been gone.” Grandmother Fa still says her hand on Aurora’s shoulder. “And besides, look how beautiful this Princess is. A Princess!” Grandmother Fa exclaims like I have brought back a rare jewel. But, she was right after all. Aurora being mine was a rare jewel, even rarer. 

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OOC: I WOULD LIKE TO RP WITH OTHERS AS WELL. MORE OR SO AN AURORA. But I’m flexible. I’m good with au’s and oc’s or whatever. (artwork is mine). 

OOC: I WOULD LIKE TO RP WITH OTHERS AS WELL. MORE OR SO AN AURORA. But I’m flexible. I’m good with au’s and oc’s or whatever. (artwork is mine). 

We had all traveled back to my village with Aurora with us. Lin couldn’t stop asking questions to Aurora asking her all sorts of things. 

"And you’re a Princess?"


"Did you always want to be a Princess?"

"I didn’t really have a choice not to be…"

"And what about your Prince…?"

"Prince Phillip? I had told him…"

"And what did he say?"

"He didn’t say much…" Aurora’s voice went quiet and stopped to look away from Lin.

"And you love Mulan?" Lin asked a bit skeptical of Aurora. I looked behind me hearing Lin patronize her, "Lin, please!" I snapped with my voice filled with anger. Lin and Aurora jolted their heads up toward me and their eyes shifted elsewhere. I didn’t mean to sound harsh, but I was under so must stress and pressure. First Lin, now Aurora. I loved them both, but my parents were Difficult. 

We had finally reached the large house that sat inside the familiar gates. The wood was still in perfect condition and looked as though it hasn’t aged in years. Years…It had been years… Was all I could thinking about at the moment. I stood in front of the gates taking my gloves off to touch the age-less wooden engravings. I saw a hand place itself onto mine, it was warm and inviting. I turned to see Aurora smiling at me, “We don’t have to.” She said softly her fingers gracefully intertwining with mine. I smiled a soft smile back as my heart thumped a million paces ahead. “It’s now or never…” I replied biting my lip then pushing open the gates. Lin followed us in, but halted her place when she saw the smaller houses ahead. “I..I think I’ll stay here…” Lin gulped her words down, feeling the tension already arise. I nodded at her, not even looking at her in the eyes and had Aurora follow along. 

As we reached the house I felt my legs beginning to feel weak and my sight become blurry. I couldn’t tell if it was fright or sadness, but I felt Aurora’s hand brush mine trying to calm me down. She didn’t hold my hand, or try to, she knew this was no place for the physical comfort. But it was nice for her to make herself known. I didn’t look at her though, I felt if I had her see my anxiety and fear, this whole talk with go sideways. I saw the door of the house slide open a bit with someone’s head poking out, “Excuse me you-” then the voice stopped. “Mulan?” The familiar voice called, she opened the door wider and made herself present. “Mulan!” She ran up to me with a big embrace. I opened my arms letting her in, for now. “Mother…” I whispered as she held me. “I didn’t even recognize you!” She began crying as she held onto me tightly, tears of joy filling up her and her soul. I gave an awkward smile, I was happy to see them. But if it were anything but about Aurora, I would have been crying with joy as well.

"Mulan! Mulan is home!" My mother called throughout the house as she dragged me along, not even noticing Aurora’s small figure following us around. We came into the space where we would eat and sit, my Father and Grandmother were sitting on pillows on the floor enjoying tea with each other. As soon as my Father laid his eyes on me and my armor, he gave a small smile of relief and stood. He still used his cane to help him and he hobbled over and hugged me tightly, "My daughter, Mulan…" He embraced me as my mother joined in again. My Grandmother smiled at me until her eyes moved to the brunette who was right behind us, hiding from the family. "And who is this?" My Grandmother asked peeking her head around to see Aurora. "This..this is…"

"I’m Princess Aurora." Aurora bowed regally as she gave a tremendous smile. Grandmother Fa looked at me a bit peculiarly. I can’t tell if she knows…or if she doesn’t After Aurora was introduced, everyone was asking about her and who she was. It became tense as I tried to dodge the first few questions about her, but then my Mother asked, “Why did you come back now? Of all time?” I gulped down my fear and tried to address the seriousness of my decision. We all sat in silence until I felt my courage burst and I spoke the words clearer than I’ve ever heard them in my head, “I’m in love with this woman.” I felt my whole body go into shock, I even felt Aurora’s hand quietly place itself next to mine in fear as well. Everyone looked on at me with shock, except Grandmother Fa, and their eyes went from mine to Aurora’s. “What?” My mother asked in disbelief. “A woman…?” My Father added in equal disbelief. 

I felt the tears beginning to show as I saw, clearly, the dishonor I had bestowed upon my family. Everything was about to fall apart and I had ruined it all. I felt my soul sink into the crevasses of my body and my heart break away. I began to remember my life before Aurora, then I had to remember when I did meet Aurora. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. I was in love…I am in love…

I stood my mouth still open. Aurora came a bit closer to me taking my hands within hers telling me, “I didn’t know if you were going to come back…but I’m glad you did.” Her smile opened up into a glorious gleam and her eyes were shining in the sun. All i could do was follow her smiles with my own. I felt my heart beat out of my chest What do I do now? I felt my whole being become possessed by some outside force and my body began to lean into hers. I felt her lips upon mine. They were so soft, like how I imagined all those days and nights with her by my side. 

I heard Lin sigh with happiness for me as we parted. “Now what?” Aurora asked her countenance filled with love and joy. “Now…you shall meet my family.” I felt my heart sink when I said those words. I don’t even know how they will react. Aurora looked into my eyes with joy, “Your family?!” Aurora hugged me with triumph ready for anything with me, but I couldn’t help but look at Lin with fear. My family hadn’t seen me in years and now I bring a woman with me? What would they think of me?

I saw Lin give an encouraging smile and mouthed, “They’ll be okay…” I replied to her equally quiet, “I hope so…” 

"Do I really have to do this?" I asked walking up to the familiar castle. It dawned on me that this was really happening. "Yes! Now go!" Lin protested as her arms shooed me toward the door. I just stood staring at the large iron-clad door until my hand went up and knocked on the door. "Seems like she’s not home-" I began saying turning my back on the door, but the door did open. "M-mulan?" Her voice was like velvet, soft and gentle. Inviting really. "A-aurora! Hello." My words were coming out jumbled and lacking. "Hi." I said again trying to smile, but my smile was much too wide because she just gave a shy smile and asked, "Have you forgotten something?" 

Forget something like this? "I did..not. But I do have to tell you something." I said straight forwardly trying to act serious, but my smile stayed. "What is it?" 

"I..We…My feelings…" I felt a million words wanted to come out, but suddenly I just blurted the thing I didn’t mean to blurt out. Well, I wanted to tell her, but not scream it at her. "I love you!" 

Aurora took a step back a bit overwhelmed with what I apparently yelled in her face about. “You…what?” She asked a bit mesmerized by my words. I couldn’t tell if her reaction was good or not. This was a terrible idea, why did I trust Lin with any of this?! But suddenly a smile crept across Aurora’s lips and her teeth gleamed through. “I’ve been waiting for you to tell me…because I know love when I see it.” My mouth fell open a bit out of sorts. I had no idea what I was feeling or what I was going to do about them. She…loves me?

"After leaving home I went straight into the army, but after a few years I wandered around villages helping them-"

"You were the one who got rid of that terrible beast!" Lin exclaimed smiling. I nodded giving a grin, "I had some help from a woman named Belle. The beast was actually a Prince named Phillip. And he had asked me to help him find his Princess, Aurora." Lin smiled widely knowing where this story was to go. "We had traveled long and hard to find her and we did, but when I met Aurora, she was a bit difficult at first…actually." Mulan snorted thinking back at her past memories with the brunette woman. "We had a few arguments of pride and mindsets… But," Mulan paused giving a tender smile as she reminisced. "I grew found of her. Of her  warmth, her smiles, her fears…" Mulan’s tone melted away as she spoke of Aurora. 

Lin noticed Mulan’s eyes close as she talked about Aurora. “She’s indeed special, isn’t she?” Mulan opened her eyes in a jolt, unable to notice her eyes were closed all of a sudden. Mulan gave a shy nod. “I would fight for her, when Phillip was absent…” 


"As soon as Aurora’s curse was broken, Phillip was cursed by a Wraith." Lin gasped as her hands went up to her mouth from fright. "A Wraith?! And you brought him back?!" Lin couldn’t comprehend the notion of even bring souls back from Wraiths. Mulan nodded again seriously, "It was for Aurora." 

"And what happened? Is she here with you?" Lin beamed thinking all sorts of joyous plans for her friend. Mulan stiffened as her eyes wandered elsewhere. "She’s expecting a baby…" Lin’s brows sunk and her smile faded. "A baby…?!" Lin bit her lip trying to think of solutions. "Did you at least tell her?" Mulan stared at Lin as though she had cursed her. "Mulan! Do not tell me you left her without telling her your feelings!" Lin stood right away picking up Mulan with one heave. "You are going to march back to her and bring her to your parents!” Lin began dragging Mulan’s arms back toward where she arrived. “L-Lin! It’s not that simple!”

"Fa Mulan, you are not a simple woman!” I couldn’t help myself, being simple wasn’t an option. I grinned as Lin dragged me away from our little alleyway.